Your brain is a social organ, thus the power to heal and change comes from the power of human relationships.

When you engage in counselling and therapy, you will experience a unique kind of relationship. The connection between you and your therapist helps to regulate anxiety and stimulate learning.

Connecting in this way gives you the space to recover your brains capacity to experience safety, relaxation and connectedness, whether you’ve been experiencing a lack of confidence, anxiety, panic, eating issues or any presenting symptoms.

Being truly heard and seen, as you will experience in therapy, allows your physiology to become calmer, and It is this that really helps you to heal and grow.

The central theme of our work is to connect and explore your life situation, therefore stimulating the healing of negative experiences on the brain, the mind, and relationships.

This is done most effectively in a safe therapeutic relationship.


The Role of Your Brain!

We are all actually living about half a second behind ourselves! Your primal brain reacts far quicker than your conscious mind. This helps you to understand why so many people continue in old, ineffective patterns of behaviour, despite them not working.

By the time we are consciously aware of a behaviour, it has already happened. For example, we know that spider is harmless, but we have reacted before we have told ourselves that very fact.

Therapy calms your physiology, and helps you address that half second gap! It looks to calm you brain to create greater awareness. With greater awareness comes the ability to better manage ourselves.

It helps to connect deeper within your body to greater relaxation, so that sitting in a traffic jam, or having to phone the bank, or your employer, is not seen as life threatening.

Talking really does help, and at a much more neurological level than has previously been thought.

We’re here to help you ‘get it out’, so get in touch … and begin the process of healing your brain.


Originally posted 2017-03-28 14:11:08.