Bereavement and Grief

Are you suffering from bereavement, grief, or loss?

Losing a partner or family member that is very close to you can be one of the most devastating and painful emotions we have to endure. For those that have not experienced the death of someone very close to us yet, at some stage in your life you almost certainly will. At the time of the death it may feel like you are experiencing a pain that may never go away. We say things like, “He/She was my soul mate, lover and friend and I’ll never ever get over him/her!”

These are all the standard reactions to loss and bereavement and there is no wrong way to grieve, but there are positive things you can do that will attempt to ease the pain of your significant loss of a loved one. When we lose someone who is close to us we go into a grieving process.

When someone you have known throughout your life or have met and fallen in love with happens to die, we begin to fear that love and company from the now deceased person will never be felt again.

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Talking things through

Grief is nature’s way of coping with loss and sometimes that loss may not be an emotion we experience only with bereavement. It could be the grief we experience when we lose our job, as with redundancy or dismissal, it could be something like leaving college and all your friends you made there, or the loss of a friendship or relationship. Being dumped by your other half can be an experience of shock and numbness similar to that we would normally experience with news of a death.

The fact of the matter of grief and bereavement or loss is that you must not ignore the pain, as it will not go away any faster if you do. You do not have to act strong in the face of loss, with a ‘stiff upper lip’, and your emotions should be allowed to shed tears and cry, as this will relieve some of tension that has been building up inside of you.

You should also bear in mind that there is no time frame for grief to end. In time it will come and you will look back fondly on that person and celebrate their life rather than feel grief.

Whatever stage you are in however, it can sometimes be extremely difficult to feel like there is a way out, or that it will come to an end. This is where counselling can really help. In talking things through you will engage in a healthy process of grieving that will ease the pain. We will sit with you and gently unburdone the pain and loss.

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