Counselling can help you by giving you the space to talk about what’s happening in your life, so that you can gain some clarity with your thoughts and feelings.

You might have a partner, friends, or family you can talk to, or that might not be an option.

Either way, when speaking with people close to you, you might find that they have opinions and ideas that they convey to you in relation to what you’re experiencing, which aren’t helpful for you.

It may well be that they’re trying their best to help, and to offer you their support. What you’re really wanting however, is somebody impartial, who doesn’t know you, and can help you look at things from a completely neutral place. Somebody who can offer you various perspectives on what’s happening in your life, without you feeling like you have to defend your current position.

This is where counselling can help you. You can talk about the difficulties you’re experiencing without fear of judgement or argument.

In saying out loud what’s on your mind, you can feel a whole lot better just for having ‘gotten it out’. You might even realise that your thoughts and feelings were a little muddled, because you haven’t had the opportunity to speak about them freely.


The Right Approach For You

Working with an experienced and well-qualified counsellor here at Colchester Counselling and Psychotherapy Practice, can offer you a wonderful opportunity for reflection. This enables you to approach the issues you might be struggling with in your life with clearer insight. You can begin to look for some answers to questions that had previously been eluding you.

We would love to offer you this space, and are here to help you on your journey. Our approach is a blend of models of counselling and psychotherapy, which is called the integrative approach. We have trained in many different schools of thought, such as Person Centred counselling, CBT, Analytical psychotherapy, Gestalt, Transactional Analysis, and Existential psychotherapy.

Bringing these varying ideas about human behaviour and psychology together, and matching the approach to you, and what you need, means that counselling will feel natural and freeing for you. We look forward to hearing from you.

To arrange your first session simply send us a message here.