Alcohol & Drug Addiction

Need Help with Alcohol and Drug Addiction?

Alcohol and drug addiction often leads to a never-ending cycle of repeating behaviours, which can become incredibly difficult to stop. Once locked in a spiral of substance abuse, the clarity and mental organisation needed to address the problem is diminished, and so your strength to face the road to living without drink or drugs affecting your life feels harder and harder to face.

This is the often depressing and frustrating cycle that substance abuse brings. Through exploring your relationship with alcohol and drugs we can begin to bring some clarity to what these substances are providing you with.

It may be that your relationship with alcohol started with a glass of wine or a beer after work, and that this steadily grew into a habitual behaviour that became a nightly need. Often one drink leads to another, and as your resolve and will-power lessen with the more alcohol you drink, the more you consume. This can lead to a possible dependency, a story we hear so very often.

Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Breaking the Chains …

There are of course other connections. You may have grown up in an environment where alcohol played a large part in your family’s communication, and you learnt the same patterns. You may have turned to alcohol in a time of desperation, where you really needed to ‘dumb’ down difficult feelings thoughts.

Whatever the reason, and they can be diverse, talking about and discovering the roots of your relationship to drinking or drugs can help you break the chains that bind you to the behaviour. Often, learning new ways dealing with your thoughts and feelings, and examining a life where you exist without alcohol being in control of you, can make the difference.

Is drug addiction the same as alcohol? Whilst alcohol is a drug, our experience is that the type of drug that is used is influenced by the varying personality traits that a person has. As drugs are often one the easiest ways to modify temperament, it is important to look beyond the drug into the person, and really get to grips with what the drug is doing for them.

When you come to Colchester Counselling and Psychotherapy Practice, we will work with you as an individual, not using a prescribed set of methods or techniques, but instead working to find a programme that help you specifically to get you where you want to be.

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