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Self-Harming Isn’t Just Cutting

Johnny Depp, Russell Brand, Lindsay Lohan, and Drew Barrymore are just a few celebrity examples of people who have used self-harming in their past. Self-harm can be shocking for those who find out a friend, loved one or family member does this, and knowing what to do...

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Do you have Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD)?

At the heart of PTSD is a traumatic experience. The word trauma is derived from the Greek word meaning ‘wound’. It was likely first used in medicine around the seventeenth century referring to wounding (a tear) of the physical body, but now there is recognition of...

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Are You Overly Emotional?

Do you ever find yourself getting emotional and saying … “I don’t know what came over me! I got so emotional.” “This is ridiculous, I need to stop being so emotional.” “I’m overwhelmed emotionally. Why can’t I stop crying!?” Part of being human means we feel. Emotions...

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So What Is Love?

In the beginning! Have you ever heard or said, "I can’t stop thinking about them!" Why can those first few weeks of love become so addictive, and obsessive? Love is one of the most studied, but least understood phenomena. However, there is a body of research looking...

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Addiction – Why Don’t You Just Stop It!?

Have you ever wondered why some people can’t stop doing something, even though it’s not good for them? It may be an addiction to smoking, using drugs, excessive drinking, eating or exercising. Have you ever wondered why you can’t change a habit that you really get...

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How to Get Through Life, the Existential Way

How do you guide yourself through the process of your life? Do you make yourself up as you go along, inventing your life story as you want it to be … or do you feed your unconscious mind with knowledge, in order to be guided from the wisdom that comes from the...

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