The debilitating effects of depression can cause misery to so many people. For some it can mean that day-to-day living really feels like a mountain to climb, whilst for others it can lead to a desire to simply withdraw from life. You may be experiencing living feeling like you’ve a big cloud over you, or what some describe as the ‘Black Dog’.

The reasons for experiencing depression are extremely diverse. It may be that you’ve experienced a loss or bereavement, or that you feel you’re under so much pressure in life that you’re struggling to cope.

You might be stuck in a dead-end job which you hate, or can’t find work. Physical problems and illness might be what has led to the depressed feelings you’re experiencing. Or maybe you’re stuck in a relationship in which you feel trapped.

Each person experiences the effects of these everyday struggles differently, but when it feels like there is no way out, then you can get a sense that you’re stuck, on your own, and that nothing can or will change. This can bring a sense of hopelessness to you.

Depression Counselling in Colchester

Taking Back Control

Learning how to take back control of your feelings, your mood and the cycle of thoughts that may have been dragging you down, can help you to overcome depression, and open up the path back to living effectively again, feeling free and in control.

Discovering more about how you operate in your life can also help you re-evaluate where you have been thus far, and where you are going next.

You don’t have to live with depression. There are ways you can begin to enjoy your life again, and we’d love to help you.

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